6 Moments all Pool Owners Experienced this Summer

6 Moments all Pool Owners Experienced this Summer

Did you have a number of “uh-oh” moments this summer in relation to your pool? You’re not alone! Millions of pool owners across Canada also experience similar feelings as they go through the end-of-season process. To show you the most popular concerns, here are seven moments all pool owners experienced this summer season. Did I […]

It’s the Time of Year to Start Thinking About Closing Your Pool

It’s the Time of Year to Start Thinking About Closing Your Pool

When the temperatures start to drop in the mornings and evenings and the leaves begin changing colour, it’s the time of year to start thinking about closing your pool again. If you don’t start preparing it now, you could end up having to drain and clean your pool in freezing cold weather – and no […]

How Can Water Aerobics Supplement Your Fitness Routine?

How Can Water Aerobics Supplement Your Fitness Routine?

There’s really no reason to spend money on a monthly gym membership during the summer if you own a pool. You have your own personal fitness centre right outside! In fact, your pool can be used for many different forms of exercise, such as building muscle mass, boosting your endurance, and improving your flexibility. If […]

Small Backyard? Consider a Small Plunge Pool

small plunge pool backyard

When you want a pool to enjoy but are short on space in your backyard, you may feel a little limited in choices. However, there is a space-saving option for you that will get you the pool you so desire. Plunge pools, which are compact and shallow, are the perfect option when you have a […]

Gym Membership? Think Again — Your Pool’s All You Need

swimming pool exercise

If you’ve been eager to get back in shape, lose some weight, and improve your health, it’s not going to happen without some form of exercise. Moving your body and getting active is important, but it doesn’t mean you need to fork out money for a costly gym membership to kick your fitness regime into […]

Concrete Pool Decks vs Interlock


You’ve finally decided on the size, type, and material for your pool and now it’s time to make a decision for your pool deck. When it comes to choosing the design and materials, the best two options are usually concrete and interlock stone. Both are highly used and excellent options, but only one will be […]

How a Salt Water Generator (AquaRite) Makes Water Safe for Swimming


Pool chlorine can burn your eyes, irritate your skin, and also cause a number of health problems such as asthma and even tooth erosion in extreme cases. And, while pool water must be cleaned to prevent contamination and bacterial growth, manual application of chlorine isn’t the safest option. So if you’ve been considering making the […]

The Challenges of Pool Building in Bedrock


Looking to have an inground pool installed in your backyard? Before making any official decisions, you should always be aware of the challenges that may be involved. Consider all of the important factors like where the best location will be, what style and materials will work best for your yard, and if you’re likely to […]

Control Your Pool Remotely with Hayward Pool Products


Imagine if you could automate your entire pool, from the pumps to the heater. Well, with Hayward products, you can! Hayward automates everything so you can get an exceptional pool experience each time you step into the water. They offer four ways to manage your pool, spa, or backyard features, all from your smart device. […]

How To Test Your Pools Water Properly

How To Test Your Pools Water Properly

When you own a swimming pool, there are three essential things that you need to do to ensure it’s clean and well maintained: circulate the water, clean the parts, and test the chemicals. Each and every week you should be analyzing the water chemistry and making sure the chlorine, pH, and alkalinity levels are balanced […]

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