Semi-Inground Pools

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Semi Inground
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There are a lot of reasons why you might choose a Rideau Pools semi-inground pool over an inground pool – but the main one is cost. Semi-inground pools are cheaper to purchase and install than inground pools. A semi-inground is a pool that is only partially buried in the ground. With their lower profile, they don’t obstruct your yard the way above ground pools do. In addition, their cheaper materials and easier installation means that they don’t cost as much as inground pools. In other words, they’re a great compromise between the two.

Unlike above ground pools – which can be cumbersome to a backyard design – semi inground pools can be integrated into your yard in creative ways. Many people build decks around them, or surround them with interlocking brick pavers and attractive landscaping. This type of pool is also sometimes built into the slope of a yard, blending it into the scenery in a unique way. The semi-inground pool can come with flat bottom or a deep end like an inground pool and can use drop in steps or elaborate staircases similar to an inground pool.

Semi inground pools are a good choice for people with smaller yards or with slopes in their yard. It is also a great alternative for someone who does not want a tall above ground pool obstructing their view. Keep in mind that, while you may save money on installation with a semi-inground pool, there are still extra costs associated with finishing a pool that can cause the price to rise. Another way to look at it - with all the money you’re saving with a semi inground pool, you can afford to get a few extra finishing touches to make your backyard pool area into a luxurious oasis for you and your family.

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