Spillover Spas

What could possibly be more relaxing than sitting in your backyard listening to the sound of bubbling hot water trickling over a sheer descent waterfall into your swimming pool?

Spillover spas are a multi-purpose water feature that can be quickly and easily added to any pool project and can incorporate massage jets, colored lighting and beautiful rock designs.

Spillover spas provide a stunning aesthetic element that enhances your pool scape, while the built-in waterfall feature adds that extra touch of sophistication to any inground swimming pool.

A spa is a welcomed luxury with relaxation benefits, perfect after a hard days work, a round of golf or for loosening up and taking it easy. It is also great for a quick warm up on cool pool days.

A spillover spa can be installed flush to the pool deck or raised to create an attractive bench seating area. They can also be installed without stonework for a lower cost alternative.

Add a high-end look to your backyard pool area by installing a spillover spa. Rideau Pools skilled craftsmen have the experience to install your spa right and make it the perfect finishing touch to your design.