3 of Our Favourite Water Features

3 of Our Favourite Water Features
May 12 18

Amplify the ambiance and look of your pool this season with a stunning water feature. Swimming pools are not just made for the purpose of swimming any longer. They’re also used to create an impressive focal element in your backyard. That’s why added water features like cascading waterfalls or disappearing edges are more popular than ever. Isn’t it time you gave your pool an upgrade with some new and exciting elements? Find inspiration and transform your backyard into your unique, exotic oasis with any our favourite water features below.


There’s something about the sound of cascading water that soothes the soul and relaxes the mind. And that’s why waterfalls are a great addition to any pool design. They can take your common pool design and transform it into a luxury setting instantly. This water feature can add atmosphere and ambiance to your backyard, and turn your outdoor space into a tropical outdoor paradise.

Deck Jets

Deck jets are one of our favourite water features by far and are a perfect option if you’re looking for something that’s a little more unique. These are powered by the main pump and can easily be switched on or off with a handy remote control. Deck jets offer a dramatic edge to your pool deck area with a stunning, sleek stream of arching water that falls elegantly into your pool. They even include LED lighting effects with different colour options to choose from. So you can switch them on in the evening for an impressive and soothing backyard experience.

Infinity Edge

Infinity or vanishing edges are more popular than ever among pool owners and are always a sure way to amplify the luxury in your pool design. Having a stunning visual effect of the water meeting the horizon of your lush backyard is genuinely one of the most captivating designs features we’ve created. And this is why this also makes our top favourite water features.

Traditionally, pools back in the day were primarily installed as a means to beat the heat and get in some swim time with the kids. And, although that’s still important, today pool owners are increasingly searching for ways to also create more luxury designs so they can enjoy their own private paradise at home rather than jet-setting off somewhere distant.

When you’re ready to enhance the design of your pool, contact our friendly team at Rideau Pools. We can discuss all of the options available and have your new feature installed in no time.

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