Child-Proofing Your Pool

Child-Proofing Your Pool
Nov 26 17

Your pool is everyone’s favourite spot for hanging out and enjoying the summer. But if your pool isn’t properly maintained and supervised, it can be a safety hazard for children. If you’re a pool owner, it’s crucial that you invest in child-proofing your pool to avoid any preventable accidents. Here we explore 8 simple ways you can make your pool both an enjoyable and safe place for your family and friends.

Install a Pool Rope

By installing a rope to separate the shallow end from the deep end, you can safeguard your children from ending up in deep water.  With a rope, weak swimmers will automatically know where the pool drops off to a deeper level, and in turn, will be able to avoid entering the deep end safely.

Keep Glass and Electronics Away

Enforce a rule with your children and friends that no glass or electronic appliances are to enter the pool area. This will help prevent any serious injuries, such as electric shock or puncture wounds.

Lock Up any Chemicals

Keep all pool chemicals out of children’s reach by locking them up. You should also consider fencing off your pool pump area where you commonly use and store the chemicals.

Add a Non-Slip Coating

Your pool deck and surround can become extremely slippery when wet, and kids don’t always listen when you tell them not to run around. By covering the deck and surrounding pool area with a non-slip coating, it can help reduce slip and fall hazards.

Install a Door Alarm

You should seriously consider adding a door alarm on any doors that go out to your pool area. When your child crosses the alarm, it will be activated, so you know when someone is outside in the pool area.

Get a Pool Alarm

Alarms that also detect movement in the pool can also be used for an extra layer of protection. Some devices on the market float on top while others detect motion underwater.

Purchase a Pool Cover

When not in use, you can use a pool cover to keep swimmers out. Some pool covers also support the full weight of a child, so you never need to worry about them falling through or getting underneath the cover.

Remove the Ladder

If you own an above ground pool, simply remove the ladder so your children cannot climb up and enter the pool when you aren’t there to supervise them.

Child-proofing your pool should be your number one priority when it comes to pool safety. At Rideau Pools, we’re here to help you and your family get the most out of your pool. That’s why we offer all the latest in safety devices and tools you need for optimal protection.

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