Day-Dreaming of the Perfect Pool this Winter?

Day-Dreaming of the Perfect Pool this Winter?
Dec 7 17

Are you day-dreaming about swimming in a beautiful and tranquil pool on a warm and sunny day? It sounds like you have a bit of “summer fever,” a common occurrence for many Canadians during the winter. And it makes perfect sense, as winter is the time when most people start thinking about either enhancing their pool or installing one for their family. Even as you stay warm through the frigid winter nights, keep imagining all the perfect pool ideas you can muster that can become your reality once the frost finally melts.

Elegant Water Features

Your day-dreams should include both visual and audible effects in your pool. Water features like rock waterfalls, deck jets, and pool bubblers, can help create an elegant and relaxing environment that the family can enjoy.

Stunning Landscaping

Now envision having the most beautiful landscaping surrounding your pool. Lush green grass, vibrant colours, and perfectly trimmed bushes. Your pool area deserves landscaping just like you’ve seen in the magazines. And it can be yours without breaking the bank.

Impressive LED Lighting

Adding some LED lights inside your pool is a fantastic way to add some luxury and ambiance to it. Just imagine how awe-struck your guests will be with the light show effects! You can even just enjoy it on your own, taking in a quiet and relaxing dip after a long day of work.

Classy Cabana

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have your very own pool house? A spot you can use as a poolside bar, place to change, and even cool off when the sun gets too hot. You can have the pool cabana you’ve been dreaming of since they’re easy to install and affordable.

Entertaining Space

When day-dreaming about your perfect pool, don’t forget to imagine the large pool deck area too! Imagine a modern and functional design where all your friends and family can sit and mingle. Just make sure to create enough space for a BBQ, so you entertain all summer long.

If you’ve been day-dreaming about the perfect pool this winter, now is the time to start bringing it to life. Talk to us at Rideau Pools today, and we can help all these fantasies become a reality in the summer.

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