The Best Holiday Gift? Plans for a New Pool this Spring!

The Best Holiday Gift? Plans for a New Pool this Spring!
Dec 13 17

Looking for the best holiday gift for yourself or your family? Why not get a new pool this spring? You can enjoy more family bonding time, hours of exercise you’ll actually enjoy, and lavish parties hanging by the pool!  With Christmas right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to get your family what they really want – a backyard swimming pool. Not yet convinced? Check out these 7 reasons why the best holiday gift is planning for a new pool this spring!

A Gift That Keeps On Giving

No one will ever get bored of the backyard pool. Even as your children grow, they will still use the pool to relax, cool off, and to hang out with their friends. Your family will truly enjoy the benefits of a pool for years to come.

More Fun

Become the popular friend, parent, and neighbour! With a pool, you can host entertaining parties that everyone will enjoy. A party is always more fun with a pool!

Improves Family Bonding Time

If you’re looking for an easier way to interact and have fun with the kids, then a pool can help. Just add some toys to the pool, like a basketball net or volleyball set, and get ready to experience hours of family bonding time.

Free Exercise

Say goodbye to those expensive gym passes. With a swimming pool, you have a free source of exercise just out back. No more excuses! All you need to do is change into your bathing suit and grab a towel.

Instant Way to Cool Down

Canadian summers can really heat up! Instead of wasting money on AC costs, just take a dip in your pool. You never have to melt away again since you can access the pool anytime you need to cool you down instantly.

Safer Than Public Pools

Your kids are safer in your backyard than at a public pool. You can get peace of mind, knowing they are under your supervision and in sanitary water conditions.

Get The Relaxation You Deserve

This spring is the time that you finally get the relaxation you deserve. Coming home to a relaxing atmosphere doesn’t have to be a dream anymore when you have a pool. You can climb in, rest up against the jets, or float quietly while enjoying some downtime.

Christmas is almost here! Now is the time to start planning for the best Christmas present ever – a pool. When you’re ready to start planning, contact us at Rideau Pools. We have everything you need to have your pool ready for the summer.

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