4 Tips to Winterize and Close Your Swimming Pool  

4 Tips to Winterize and Close Your Swimming Pool  
Sep 13 16


Summertime means pool time. But as the summer time slowly fades and the leaves start to turn, that means that you’ve got to start thinking about winterizing. Whether you’re new to the world of pool ownership or have owned one for years – and constantly dread the inevitable winterizing process – here are a few handy tips to simplify your end-of-season close and get prepped and ready for the winter.

Protect your Water

Even when the frigid cold sets in, there are still microorganisms that survive within the water. And since the circulation won’t exist, it can provide a pretty easy environment for those microorganisms to spread.  Use a winterizing product that contains algaecides in order to keep up your pH levels and keep those microorganisms at bay.

Be sure to add the algaecide about two days prior to closing your pool, and follow the instructions as directed.

Use Enzyme Chemicals

Over the span of the fall and winter, material such as pollen or bird droppings can make their way into the water, depending on the type of cover you have. To eliminate this – along with any waterline marks – add in an enzyme chemical to dissipate this kind of residue. This will help keep your water clear for next year.


Over the course of the winter, freezing can easily occur, especially if pipes have water left in them. Drain all water from the pumps, filters, and pool equipment. It’s also important to lower the pool water levels below the skimmer so it doesn’t freeze.

Remove Snow and Ice from the Cover

Between the debris of fallen leaves and accumulated snow and ice, try your best to keep the pool cover as clean as possible over the winter. It can be tricky, but using a long-handled broom to give it a wipe can help to prevent added weight from accumulating on the cover and reduce the opportunity for dirt and debris to enter your pool.

So as the summer winds down and pool time draws to a close, don’t just simply throw on the cover and walk away. If you want to ensure your pool is in great condition for the next year, it’s important to perform these tasks. They’ll make both closing and opening season much easier.

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