4 Water Features That Will Transform Your Backyard

4 Water Features That Will Transform Your Backyard
Mar 13 20

With a little imagination and inspiration, you can turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis that’s fun, cozy, luxurious, and set to impress your family and friends during those pool-filled summer weekends. To get your outdoor space looking it’s best before you kick off the summer season, here are some of our top suggestions of water features that will transform your backyard.

Water Slides

If your pool setting could use a little more excitement this year, water slides are always a popular hit. Whether you have kids or if it’s just for the adults, slides add an element of fun and excitement, no matter your age. Zipping down to create a big splash will keep you, your family, and guests entertained – guaranteed.

Waterfall Features

To create a more tranquil and sumptuous setting in your backyard space, you can’t go wrong with a waterfall feature. These are the perfect addition for pool owners who want to create a more relaxing and soothing atmosphere. The best part about having a waterfall feature is that you can enjoy it whether you’re in the pool or just lounging with a book on your patio. It will make you feel like you’ve stepped into your own slice of paradise without ever leaving home.

Deck Jets

Dazzle your friends and family with deck jets that come standard with eye-catching LED coloured lights. During the daytime, you can enjoy a stunning visual display of arched water flowing into the pool, and as the sun sets, it will create an impressive light show to illuminate your backyard so you can enjoy the summer nights to the max.

Infinity Edges

For a truly exotic and luxurious setting, infinity edges never disappoint. These vanishing edge designs create an intriguing visual element for any poolscape, making the water appear seamless with the surrounding environment. Plus, you can customize the design to fit flawlessly with your layout.

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