5 Best Pools Toys To Get This Summer Season

5 Best Pools Toys To Get This Summer Season
Jul 12 19

Summer is in full swing (at last!), and there’s no better way to embrace the warm breeze and sunshine than lounging in and around the pool. After enduring such a long and painful winter, you deserve to spend every spare moment indulging and having fun. To help amp up your pool time fun, we’ve rounded up some of the best pool toys to help you make the absolute most out of the summer season. Check them out below!

Floating Basketball Net

Sometimes, there’s nothing quite as refreshing and relaxing than taking a dip in the pool. But when you want to keep active or get the kids engaged in a little more exercise, a floating basketball net is ideal. You can easily find one at your local home supply store or online. Just pop it in the water, pick your teams and enjoy some splashy basketball fun with the whole family.

Floating Unicorn

Planning to host a few pool parties this summer? You can get the whole gang together with beers in tow and spend the day lounging on a giant unicorn floaty. These are perfect for those group chill out sessions on the water when you just want to kick back with some refreshing beverages. Just make sure the size of the floaty will fit your pool before purchasing as they can be quite big!

Rock Climbing Wall

You read that right! You can get a rock climbing wall that’s designed to latch onto the side of the pool. You can test your agility and strength, and if you fall, you’ll have the pool water to catch you.

Pool Volleyball Net

Hands down, one of the best pool toys to get this summer season is a volleyball net. Always geared for a good time, pool volleyball nets get everyone off the loungers, in the pool having fun. Even grandma and grandpa will love it!

Swim Through Rings

If you or the kids love to dive and swim underwater, swim through water rings can provide plenty of fun below the surface. With adjustable air chambers, you can easily alter the depth of the rings to make it easier or more challenging to swim through the inflatable chambers.

Transform your pool into a haven of fun and leisure this summer season with the best pool toys to get the party started for any occasion. And if you’re looking to enhance your poolscape or backyard design, trust the pool experts at Rideau Pools. Our team has transformed countless backyards into stunning, personal retreats in and around the Ottawa area. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and how we can make your backyard more enjoyable!

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