5 Cost-Effective Ways to Heat Your Pool

5 Cost-Effective Ways to Heat Your Pool
Mar 20 20

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your pool can come with a hefty price tag. If you’re wondering how to lower the costs of heating without enduring a bone-chilling experience each time you jump in, here are some of the most cost-effective ways to heat your pool. Just remember that the best fit for your pool will depend on your specific backyard layout and environment.

Solar Heating

Solar heating is an ideal option for those who live in a location that receives an ample amount of sunshine. It can cost more upfront, but once installed, solar heating essentially doesn’t cost you anything since you’re literally harnessing energy from the sun. Though they are efficient, it’s also important to note that solar heating can’t always be a reliable source for heating your pool throughout the season. If it’s cloudy out, it won’t generate the energy needed to maintain a consistent temperature. The best option is to combine solar heating with a backup heat pump or gas heater so that you can fall back on it whenever you need to. This makes it more reliable and economical.

Run Your Pool Heater During the Warmest Time of Day

If you use a heat pump, it’s best to try and run the heater when the temperature outside is warmest to get the best bang for your buck. Since the heater operates by extracting heat from the air, it’ll help your system function more efficiently by obtaining heat during those peak temperature periods. Since the heater only runs once the filtration is on, you can easily adjust your filtration system to kick on once you determine when the hottest part of the day is.

Monitor COP Rating

The optimum Coefficient of Performance (COP) represents the energy output divided by the energy input. Essentially, this measurement rates the efficiency of your pool heater. But not all HPPH systems are created equal. Some will be more efficient than others which is why we recommend purchasing one with the highest COP rating that your budget can permit.

Preventing Heat Loss and Evaporation

Did you know that more than 75% of heat loss in your pool occurs from evaporation? It’s quite a startling percentage when you think about it. That’s why it’s imperative to control the amount of evaporation that’s happening since it directly impacts the cost of heating. To prevent this, use a solid pool blanket that’s built with automatic deployment to roll over the pool when needed. This is not only beneficial for reducing heat loss, but also for keeping your pool area safer for kids since it can handle more weight. With almost a zero-evaporation rate, it’s a handy feature for safety and better heat retention.

Be Mindful of Your Pool Temperature Settings

Though everyone has their own preference for the perfect temperature, the warmer your pool is, the more it will cost you. For every degree that you increase the temp, it can cost almost 20% more. So be mindful of how much you’re increasing the temperature settings.

To learn more about how to make your pool more efficient, or if you’re planning to get one installed this year, contact our pool experts at Rideau Pools in Ottawa today.

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