5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Existing Pool

5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Existing Pool
Oct 23 17

Your pool is the focal point of summer fun – a place to hang out and to cool off in.  But over time, your pool can lose its appeal as it ages and deteriorates. But by implementing new features and designs, you can easily entice friends and family to spend more time enjoying the pool that you can feel proud to show off. So before you give up on it, check out these five easy ways to upgrade your existing pool so that you can feel like a proud pool owner once again.

Water Features

Water features add both visual and audible effects to your pool. The sound and presence of moving water have relaxing and restorative properties that can soothe your soul. Some of the most popular features on the market include rock waterfalls, rain curtains, deck jets and pool bubblers. By using water features in your pool design, you can create a natural, elegant vibe that will enhance your entire backyard.

Pool Lights

Wow your guests and gain more swim time by adding lights in and around the pool area. Inground pool lighting can add more visibility after dark to create a wonderful nighttime experience. It will also give your backyard some ambiance and colour. For an ultimate visual effect, you can purchase LED lights, which are energy efficient and provide colour changing light show effects. You could also add solar lighting that floats directly on the surface of the pool, providing you with flexibility and energy savings.  

Spillover Spa

One of the most beautiful ways to enhance your pool area is to add a spillover spa. These multi-purpose water features incorporate a sheer descent waterfall from your spa directly into your pool. Both sophisticated and stunning, it’s an easy upgrade that will be sure to upgrade your existing pool.

New Pool Deck

Make your pool look brand new by adding an interlocking brick design over top of the old concrete. A new pool surround will not only make your pool look great, but it will also boost the aesthetics of your entire backyard.

Variable Speed Pumps

Don’t let your pool look dirty and drab, instead upgrade your pool’s filtration system by adding a variable speed pump. By replacing your standard one speed with a variable speed pump, you can set the most appropriate speed needed for all pool operations, including the advanced water features. It will not only improve the cleanliness of your pool but will also save you money in energy costs.

If your pool is becoming that unused eye-sore in your backyard, then it’s time for a facelift. You can easily upgrade your existing pool with any of these added features and get the most out of every summer. Call Rideau Pools today to get started.

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