5 Fun Pool Design Ideas to Get Your Mind off Winter

5 Fun Pool Design Ideas to Get Your Mind off Winter
Jan 9 19

Tired of staring out at the gloomy winter weather? Keep your mind at ease and escape for a little with these fun pool design ideas to get your mind off winter and focused on the warm sunny days that are ahead!

Cool Underwater Lights

You can easily add some pizzazz to your pool by using lighting features to give your pool a cool and magical glow at night. Lights can be installed beneath the water so that even when it’s not being used, it will still enhance the look of your entire landscape. You can choose standard lights, multicoloured lights, and even a timer so they’ll switch on and off without you having to fuss.

Choose a Unique Shape

If you’re planning to have a pool installed in your backyard next year, why not think outside the typical standard shapes? Kidney, lagoon, freeform, and roman shapes are other fun pool design ideas that are unique and can accommodate different size yards more easily. When you shop around, consider the different shape options that can add more visual appeal and flair to your backyard.

Create Your Own Tropical Villa

With a pool, you can create your own private tropical oasis so you can enjoy more staycations at home! Enhance your landscape with some tropical vegetation, or take your pool to the next level with fun additions like a spillover spa, an exotic fire bowl, or finish it off with some tropical-style tiki torches.

Add a Waterslide

Who says kids get to have all the fun? When you’re eager to boost the fun factor of your future summer parties, a water slide is always a favourite addition that will get your guests zipping down and having a blast.

Luxe Out With an Infinity Edge

Create the ultimate outdoor hideaway with an infinity edge to add a stunning and luxurious look to your pool design. With a visual effect that makes the water appear seamless with the landscape, this is one of the most popular pool designs today.

When you’re ready to stop dreaming and start putting your ideas into action, we can help! At Rideau Pools, we can improve your outdoor living space by taking care of all your pool-related needs. From design to installation, landscaping, and over-the-top features that’ll make your backyard pop — we can do it all. Contact us today to learn more.

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