5 Great Gifts for Pool Owners

5 Great Gifts for Pool Owners
Nov 13 20

Stumped on what to get for a friend or family member for an upcoming celebration? If they’re an avid pool owner, a gift for their home’s splash zone is an ideal way to give them something they will actually appreciate, use and love. Since pools are so versatile, there’s a wide range of options you can consider for your budget and their needs. Here are some of our top suggestions when it comes to finding great gifts for pool owners.

Pool Tech

If you’re buying for someone special, one gift that will make their life easier – and their pool time more enjoyable – is some cool pool tech.  Hayward Pool products are among the best in the industry, specializing in the most innovative technology dedicated to pool owners. From energy-efficient pool heaters to LED pool and spa lights, to advanced filtration systems to automation gadgets that take the tedious work out of the equation – there’s a ton of fun and unique products that you can choose from.

Pool Organizers

Any pool owners with kids know that it’s a serious challenge to keep the backyard and pool area tidy. With all the toys, noodles, floaties, and donuts strewn across the lawn, it can make the backyard look pretty messy. If you know someone like this, help them out by getting them a pool organizer that will keep all of the toys, including the giant inflatable unicorn, in one easy, tidy spot.

Fire Feature

Adding a unique element to the pool area, like a fire bowl, can take the backyard to a whole new level. If your family member or best friend has been talking about adding something extra to boost the aesthetics of their backyard, consider getting one of these. Certain fire bowls can be incorporated with a water feature too, acting as a spillover fountain which creates a striking appeal to the pool – perfect for entertaining during the evenings. These get hooked up to the main pump and the gas supply can be connected to the pool heater – a fairly straightforward operation for an impressive, luxurious touch!

Floating Pool Lights

Lights make another great addition to the pool setting so it can be enjoyed even when it’s not being used. Floating LED lights are ideal for creating a cozy ambience and setting the mood with different colours and levels of brightness that can easily be adjusted.

Giant Inflatables

Pools owners are always looking for the next best trend when it comes to giant inflatables. So when in doubt, you can never go wrong with one to amp up their time floating in the sun with a cold beverage. 

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