5 Great Reasons to Have a Pool

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Apr 10 17

Wonder why your neighbours sound like they’re having a blast each time they’re outside playing in their pool? Well, it’s because they are! Owning a pool is indeed fun, but it also has so many other advantages that can be easily overlooked. Here we look at five great reasons why you should finally get the pool you’ve been dreaming of:


Swimming is an excellent way to exercise. Who wouldn’t want to have fun while burning off that summer ice cream and those sangrias? Whether you like to do laps, partake in Aquafit, or play water sports games like water polo, there are so many ways you can use the pool to get in your daily dose of exercise. Swimming is a great low-impact whole body workout at any age.

Keep It Cool

When the summer gets hot, there’s no better way to cool down than taking a splash in the pool. If you’re looking to beat the latest heat wave and intense summer humidity, you can enjoy a refreshing swim any time of day when you have your own pool! No more trekking to the city pool or overcrowded public beaches.

Fun for the Family

Fun for the whole family, the pool can keep the kids occupied or it can be the perfect place to get together and enjoy time outside and away from the TV and video games. Add a couple of pool toys or a basketball net and everyone can partake in all the activities together. Having a pool is a great way to spending some quality time together while being active.

Social Hub

When you have a pool, you easily become the social hub for get-togethers. And who wouldn’t agree that pool parties are the perfect way to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon with a few of your closest friends or family? From birthday parties to family reunions, you can celebrate any event with a fun pool party at your place.


When you have a pool, you can forgo expensive vacations and enjoy a week at home relaxing in the water.  You can craft an outdoor oasis that will give you the feel of a 5-star resort without the price.

Are you on the fence about whether to install a pool this summer? It may seem like a difficult decision but if you think of all the benefits involved, it’s quite a worthy investment. Don’t be left in the heat listening to your neighbours having the time of their lives, get your own pool and make someone else jealous this summer!

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