5 Pool Accessories that Make the Perfect Christmas Gifts

5 Pool Accessories that Make the Perfect Christmas Gifts
Dec 13 19

The gift-giving season is just around the corner! If you have a homeowner who takes their poolscape seriously, then why not give something that will help them personalize and enjoy it a little more? To help make your shopping a breeze this year, here are the latest top pool accessories that make the perfect Christmas gifts for anyone with a pool.

Floating Speakers

If your pool-loving recipient doesn’t have any speakers installed in their yard, then floating speakers are the ideal gift to consider. No pool party is complete without some good tunes, so help them crank up the fun factor next summer with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled speakers. They can float alongside them and deliver impeccable sound while lounging.

Floating Loungers

Speaking of lounging, floating loungers and pools go hand in hand. They take relaxation to a whole new level! If your friend, family member or neighbour is lacking on the lounging front, a floating lounger can show them what they’ve been missing. Whether it’s a unicorn, giant rubber duckie, or even a pizza slice, there are a ton of creative floaters available that can add some fun and personality to their pool.

Outdoor TV

When it’s a beautiful sunny summer day outside, no one wants to be cooped up inside, even when there’s a big game on. Instead, give the gift that everyone will appreciate – an outdoor TV! These are specifically weatherized and designed to withstand the outdoors. They’ll have the ultimate patio season being able to catch all of the action on TV while still soaking up the sunshine.

Pool Games

Floatable putting greens, a pool volleyball net, basketball net, or even a floatable poker table are guaranteed to hike up the fun and excitement next summer. There are plenty of games that are designed for the pool, so you can get one for the adults and one for the kids.

Solar-Powered Chargers

One of the challenges throughout many poolscapes is often the lack of outlets available for charging. Whether it’s the phone, speakers, tablet or other electronics, solar-powered chargers make it convenient for plugging in what you need by harnessing the power of the sun.

Get your pool loving family member or friend a gift that they’ll truly love and appreciate next summer by gifting any of these pool accessories. For more recommendations or expert advice for pool maintenance, installations, and designs, give us a call at Rideau Pools!

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