5 Surprising Things First-Time Pool Owners Should Know

5 Surprising Things First-Time Pool Owners Should Know
Jul 11 16

Owning a pool is a luxury many of us often dream about. But when you’ve reached that moment in life when you can make that dream a reality, there are a few important factors to know before jumping in. Here are five surprising things first-time pool owners should always know.

1. Be Wary of Old Pools

If you’re looking at purchasing an older home with an in-ground pool, the chances are that pool is just as old. Pools that were installed back in the 1960s until the 1980s were often installed with some questionable standards. If you’re interested in becoming a pool owner, do yourself a favour and avoid pools that were installed more than 30 years ago. Chances are that they may need extensive repairs, which can end up leaving you with a big headache and an empty wallet.

2. Digging Equipment

One of the most common factors that get overlooked for first-time pool enthusiasts looking to install a pool in their new backyard is access for the equipment. In order to install a pool, the proper equipment needed for digging it has to be able to fit with easy access to your desired location. With many homes these days having a very tight space between their home and the fence or neighbouring property, this can simply be impractical. There are may be ways to get equipment back there, but every complication is going to increase your cost.

3. Drainage Ditches

Properties that have drainage ditches or easements towards the rear of the property cannot be built upon. These can’t be altered or moved in any way, so before investing in the idea of a pool, have your property checked to mark off any locations for drainage that might hinder your installation. Additionally, if your property has a relatively steep slope, this can complicate the process, as a retaining wall may be required, costing you more money.

4. Your Fence

When you install a pool, you must have a fence to accompany the surroundings that contain the pool. Depending on where you live, this is often a strict by-law. If you have a fence, partition or barrier of some sort that isn’t up to code, chances are that you will need to remove them and install one that is sufficient.

5. Maintenance

Although many avid first-time owners are aware that maintenance is of course part of having that dream pool, they might not be completely aware of the extent of that maintenance needed, especially with older pools. Between the chlorine levels, pH levels, and routine cleaning, you’ve got to be on top of that upkeep in order to ensure that water is pristine and safe. You can always hire a pool maintenance company to take care of everything, but that doesn’t come for free.

A pool is without a doubt a privileged luxury that anyone would feel lucky to own. But for first-time owners, jumping in headfirst isn’t always a good decision until you’ve done your research first. If you’re considering taking the plunge, follow these tips to ensure you’ve got your bases covered.

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