5 Things to Look for in a Pool Company

5 Things to Look for in a Pool Company
Aug 21 20

Ready to improve your staycations by turning your backyard into the ultimate retreat? Before you select a contractor, here are some important things to look for in a pool company. 

Legit References from Previous Customers

Getting references from previous customers and reviewing testimonials is one of the best ways to feel confident about the pool company that you select. So don’t be afraid to ask them upfront about providing a list of previous clients for examples and references to see how their work really measures up. Ask previous clients about their workmanship, customer service and whether they would hire them again or recommend them. You could also inquire about the timeline and budget to see if they kept in line with the original plans and pricing. The best way to feel confident is to ask questions and learn more about their experience. If the company is hesitant to provide references or outright refuses, consider it a red flag and keep looking.

Are They Insured?

Getting a pool installed is a hefty investment. So you want to ensure your bases are covered before going ahead with it. In the event that any damage or injuries are caused, it’s important to have your legal interests covered. Ask them to provide details about their insurance and permit details. If they can’t, they’re not worth hiring.

Are They Experienced?

For something as big and permanent as a pool, you don’t want to be leaving the job in the hands of an amateur. Experience matters when it comes to the design, creativity, safety, and durability of a pool. Make sure you’re hiring a contractor with a lot of experience.

Do They Provide a Warranty?

You should never hire a contractor that doesn’t provide a warranty for their work. A good warranty should be longer than a year since it can take at least that duration for certain problems to occur. You don’t want to be caught off guard paying for plumbing mistakes only a year or two after getting your new pool installed. 

How’s Their Overall Reputation?

Beyond customer references, it’s worth digging a little deeper to see what their overall reputation is like online. Sites like Yelp, Facebook and Google make it easy to look over past reviews that can provide detailed feedback and the general level of satisfaction with their work.

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