5 Tips for Hosting the Best Summer Pool Party

5 Tips for Hosting the Best Summer Pool Party
Aug 9 19

If you want to host a pool party, you should also be able to sit back and enjoy it too, of course. And after our long Canadian winter, it should be one that celebrates all that we love so much about the beautiful summertime. To make your bash one for the books, here are our top tips for hosting the best summer pool party this year.

Figure What Theme You Want

You don’t need to have a theme, but it can really make your planning process much easier, and it can give your guests an extra something to get excited about. It could be a tropical luau, boho vintage throwback, nautical-themed – you name it. Once you determine this, think about how to tie it all in with your decorations, music, and food and drink menu. 

Make It Simple & Easy 

As the host, you should get to partake in the fun too. So, focus on making it super simple and easy. To help make this happen, it’s best to use paper cups and plates to avoid any accidents, especially since people will be barefoot around the pool. Also, keep a designated area for recyclable empties and garbage to let people know where to place them, so you’re not drowning in a heap of the mess once it’s over.

Add Some Bright Colours & Decor

Summer is all about the bold, bright and beautiful colours that just make us feel good and cheery. So, don’t forget to set the stage by adding some splashes of colour to your backyard. String some lanterns around the deck, add a few vibrant plants, beach towels or beach balls into the mix to really crank up those summer vibes.

Stick with A Simple Menu

The last thing you want is to be stuck by the grill or in the kitchen while everyone’s out having fun. Consider what’s quick, convenient and can be prepared ahead of time when planning out your menu. And don’t be afraid to ask your guests to bring a dish if they’d like. Your guests know that life can get really busy these days – and expensive. If you say it’s a potluck, they’ll be more than happy to contribute to the spread so you can enjoy the day too.

Make A Signature Punch or Cocktail

Though BYOB should be expected at any party, to get everyone in good spirits, you could also make a special welcome punch for adults only or a signature cocktail to serve once they arrive. This will get the party off to a good start with everyone mixing and mingling. Just make sure to create it so that guests can serve themselves – you also don’t want to be playing bartender all night. 

Focus on the Music

When it comes to hosting an epic summer pool party, it’s really all about the music. So put some time into making a playlist for your party. Think about your theme and what tunes might suit it, or you can even let your guests take turns playing DJ so everyone can get a chance to hear some songs that they love.

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