6 Items That Every Pool Owner Needs

6 Items That Every Pool Owner Needs
Feb 12 21

Swimming pools are a great addition to any backyard space. It creates a fun activity for the summer and gives you something to look forward to during the colder months. While pools are an amenity on their own, they also need certain items for upkeep and to have fun with. 

Some of these items are practical and necessary to keep the pool running and others are just for fun. Every pool needs a balance of both! These 6 items can transform your pool if you’re a new pool owner, or if you just need some new items. 

Water Toys 

Water toys are pretty much essential to any pool. No matter if you’re a grown adult or a kid, swimming to the bottom of the pool to grab a hoop or playing volleyball with a bunch of friends can be so much fun. 

Pool Cover

In Canada where you can only use your pool for a few months, a pool cover is big on the list of items that you need. A pool cover can help on rainy days, winter days, or if you go on vacation. They are also very important in the winter in order to prevent any type of accident. 

Cleaning Net

A cleaning net, or in pool terms, a skimmer, is a great tool to keep your pool clean. Whether you’re in the pool cleaning or outside of it, the long handle with a net allows you to reach certain places where leaves, insects and other unwanted bits may be. 

Pool Vacuum 

A skimmer is great for the top of the pool, but a pool vacuum may be necessary to get out everything at the bottom of the pool. If you want to upgrade, a robotic pool cleaner is the way to go. Instead of cleaning out the pool before every swim, this robot vacuum does it all for you!


Floaties are a great device to have if you or someone else doesn’t feel comfortable swimming alone. Or you may just want to hold onto the floaty and relax! There are several different types of floaties from floating lounge chairs to noodles to arm floaties for kids. You can also get drink holders that float in the water! 

Pool Thermometer 

Dipping your foot into the pool is a good way to test the temperature, but if you want it at a certain temperature, a pool thermometer is the best option. You can hang it to the pool ladder or there are also floating ones that are accurate in depicting the heat of the water. 

These pool items are a great addition to any pool, whether it’s above ground or inground. If you have any questions about other essentials, contact us at Rideau Pools and we can help you out! 

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