6 Reasons Swimming is Beneficial for Your Health

6 Reasons Swimming is Beneficial for Your Health
Jun 14 19

Aside from enjoying some refreshing reprieve during the hot summer months, swimming is also one of the best forms of exercise. From head to toe, your body gets a serious work out each time you take a dip, whether it’s a gentle breaststroke, laps or the hammer butterfly. In fact, you can burn almost 200 calories in 30 minutes, even with a light swim. Plus, it’s extremely gentle on your joints, so there’s little risk of injury. Need a good excuse to spend more time in your pool this summer? Here are five good reasons swimming is beneficial for your health.

Burn More Calories Than Running

As mentioned, you can burn an impressive amount of calories, even with a gentle dip in the pool. That’s because your entire body stays active while you tread water and move around. Swimming is one of the best ways to burn off calories fast. In fact, it’s almost double the rate of walking and can be more effective than cycling or running.

Great Form Of Cardiovascular Exercise

Aside from toning your muscles, swimming is also a great form of cardiovascular exercise.  By taking a swim once a week for thirty minutes, you can lower your risk of disease significantly, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes and even stroke.

Relax Both Body and Mind

Being immersed in water is very therapeutic for your body and mind. So when the kids are causing a commotion or work has you beyond stressed, or life simply feels overwhelming, remember to utilize your pool. Swimming is an excellent way to take your mind off of the world around you and instead, focus simply on moving through the water.  This almost meditative-like focus can aid in reducing anxiety, stress, and depression, while also helping you get a good night’s rest.

Get A Full Body Workout in No Time

If getting active on land doesn’t motivate you to get off the couch, maybe swimming will. It’s not only a fun form of exercise, but it’s also incredibly beneficial since our body has to work much harder to move against and through the resistance of water. So you can get an enjoyable, intense and short workout in without having to hit the gym for an extended period. Plus, if your pool is in your backyard, you don’t even need to go far!

Gives Your Body a Break From High Impact Activities

If you’re already an active person, that’s great! But high-impact activities such as basketball or running can take a toll on your body and joints. By incorporating swimming into your routine, you can enjoy a more balanced work out while avoiding injury. It also lets you stay active if you’ve sustained an injury since water supports up to 90 percent of your body’s weight.

Improve Endurance

You can also greatly improve your level of endurance with regular swim time.  Since it’s a gentle but taxing activity, swimmers tend to have greater stamina.

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