A Guide to Swimming Pool Covers

A Guide to Swimming Pool Covers
Feb 29 16

If you’re the owner of an in-ground swimming pool, you should know that choosing a proper swimming pool cover will help you to care for your swimming pool investment. While the task of selecting the right cover may take a little time, knowing which types of swimming pool covers are out there will help you to choose something that is appropriate for your particular size and shape of pool.

Our quick guide is designed to help you streamline the comparison shopping process.

Solar Bubble Cover

These are popular choices with consumers these days, as they are just so practical. A solar bubble cover will help retain heat in order to keep your pool water warmer. This type of cover will rest on your pool’s surface at night, helping to retain the heat in the pool. This type of cover isn’t meant to keep debris or people out – for this reason, you shouldn’t think of it as a safety-type pool cover.

Solar Ring

A solar ring works by generating energy from the sun in order to warm your pool water. However, it’s a bit different than a solar bubble cover. A solar ring will heat faster than a bubble cover and it may also be reversed once the pool temperature is just right. Once it is reversed, it will function as a barrier to the sun and this helps to keep water from evaporating. It also keeps expensive pool chemicals from evaporating.

Leaf Net Pool Cover

This type of cover will stop leaves and other objects from getting into your pool. Just lay your leaf net over the pool and then anchor it in order to stop leaves from entering your pool. As many people have so many leaves to clean up every year, depending on where they are located, this type of cover is very practical. However, you may need to remove it and clean it off occasionally in order to stop leaves from building up too much.

Safety Cover

Safety covers are the heaviest covers and are designed to keep people and debris out of the pool. These dense covers are very protective and are spring loaded to help keep the cover tight.

Liquid Solar Cover

Fast becoming the rage in the pool industry, the liquid solar cover is very economical and super easy to use. A pump injects approximately one ounce of a natural, plant-based liquid into your pool every night. This liquid floats to create a thin layer on your pool to help control evaporation and heat loss. The liquid naturally biodegrades and must be reinjected the following evening by a programmable pump. This automation saves the pool owner the hassle of covering and uncovering the pool every day.

Now that you have the inside scoop on pool cover types, you’ll be one step closer to choosing the right cover for your in-ground swimming pool. Talk to Rideau Pools and we’d be happy to recommend the right pool cover for your needs.

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