A Guide to Winter Pool Covers

A Guide to Winter Pool Covers
Oct 11 16

A pool is the source of great entertainment for the summer months, but what about the winter when the weather doesn’t scream “jump on in”? Every winter you should take steps to winterizing your pool to ensure not only the safety of anyone who goes near it, but also protect the liner of your pool.

A winter cover for your home pool is the best way to protect your pool during winter months. Here are three common types of winter pool covers:

Tarps with Water Bags

This is a budget friendly but effective solution for the winter and works for both above-ground and in-ground pools. Simply purchase a tarp winter cover large enough to cover the entire surface of your pool – they are available in round, oval, and rectangular shape in many sizes. Secure the tarp in place with water bags, which you can fill with water from the hose. Do not fill the bags completely, as they will need room for ice to expand once the cold hits. Double water bags are also available for added protection in case of a puncture or leak. Place the water bags around the perimeter of the pool to hold the tarp in place securely.

Spring Loaded Safety Covers

If you have pets or small children, spring loaded safety covers come highly recommended. They fit tightly around the perimeter of your pool to reduce the risk of falling in by accident. Safety covers are easy to secure in place with the use of anchors, which are just as easy to remove in the spring once it’s time for pool opening. Finally, the safety cover folds up for easy storage in the summer months until it is needed again. Safety covers are only available for in-ground pools.

Leaf Nets

If your pool is surrounded by trees, you know how much of a hassle it is to clean up leaves, twigs, and other debris that find their way into the pool. It only gets worse in the fall and winter, but a leaf net will catch it all. Leaf nets are available for both above-ground and in-ground pools. A leaf net fits snugly over the pool to filter all leaves and other debris, while water can still pass through the netting.

Make sure that the cover you purchase is high quality because a cheaper one might cave under the weight of heavy snow fall. It is also important that you provide for more square footage than you require so you will not be left short in any areas. Some pools are odd shapes and you may require extra material to cover off any corners. It’s better to have too much than not enough!

Winter is very difficult on pools, so it is best to give your pool the best possible defence so it can survive and be ready for your summer enjoyment. If you treat your pool with the tender love and care it deserves it will hold strong for you for years to come.



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