A Quick Guide to Pool Care

A Quick Guide to Pool Care
Jun 15 16

Pool care doesn’t have to be a pain if you simply form a routine schedule with a few easy steps. And with summer just around the corner, you’ll want to have it prepped and ready for whenever the kids want to dive in or the friends drop by for a party. So don’t fret, here is a quick guide to keep your pool prepped and ready all summer long.

Test the Levels of Chemicals

You know that there are a variety of chemicals in your pool that allow it to function properly and keep the water safe. So twice a week, schedule a day in your calendar that you can carve out just 10 minutes to use a test kit or test strips to check and maintain the levels of chemicals within your water. It’s also important to maintain a consistent pH level. This should always lie between 7.4-7.6. In addition to the pH levels, you must also test and check the chlorine levels each week, which should always remain at a level between 1.0-3.30ppm.

Skim the Surface

When you’ve finished testing the levels, grab your pool skimmer. Make sure there is nothing in it before you place it in the pool. Go along the area of the water and skim out any debris or insects. There’s nothing worse than having an insect float on by when you want to lounge in the water. In combination with a built-in skimmer like the AquaGenie Skimmer, your water will be mostly free and clear with this little bit of maintenance.

Scrub Pool Walls and Add Clarifiers

Once a week, give your pool a thorough scrub. Go along the walls with a brush and use a vacuum to clean the floor. Alternatively, if that sounds like too much work, you can opt for a daily automatic pool cleaner. When that’s done, add in some algae prevention product, along with clarifiers and metal control products. These will help to keep your pool running efficiently.

Professional Analysis

About once a month, take a sample of your pool water to your local professional water testing services so they can thoroughly check the chemicals within your swimming pool. There are many pool stores that will offer this service for free and recommend ways to get that balance back on track if anything is off.

Clean the Filter

Finally, about twice a year, be sure to clean out your filter in order to avoid any excessive build-up and residue that can accumulate over time.

Pool care can be a breeze by easily incorporating it into your regular routine. By staying on top of the maintenance, you can ensure that you have clean, safe water each and every time.

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