How do We Actually Build In-ground Pools?

How do We Actually Build In-ground Pools?
Nov 14 17

There’s no doubt that building an in-ground pool is a big job. But once it’s complete, it is always well worth it! Ever wonder how they actually build in-ground pools? Here’s a simple step-by-step explanation on how we transform your yard into a personal haven in only a matter of weeks.


Once you have a permit from the city, you can go ahead with locating the area where your pool will be installed and mark it out. Then an excavator will come to dig out the hole in your yard with a backhoe.  The dirt will be trucked off-site.

Walls and Plumbing

Once the hole is ready, the pool crew will start to install the steel or polymer wall panels. All the walls will then be measured and plumbed to ensure they are the same height. During this time, the plumbing pipes and pool lighting will also be worked on, and some of the design options can be added, such as the skimmers or walk in steps. Braces are also attached to each pool panel and then poured with concrete at the bottom of the trench to keep the walls in place when the outside of the pool is being back-filled.

Back-filling the Walls

After the walls are ready, gravel or sand is then back-filled to fill around the walls in order to hold the exterior of the pool in place. Once the trench is back-filled,  a cement truck will also be used to pour a concrete deck  around the pool to stabilize the top of the pool wall (and give you something to walk on).

Pool Bottom Installation

As soon as the pool has been back-filled, it’s time to create the pool flooring that the liner will sit on . The gravel base is smoothed out and the shallow end and deep end are shaped. When the floor has been made smooth, a concrete bottom will be installed, finishing the formation of the pool’s bottom.

Adding the Liner and Water

Once it dries completely and the pool floor is set, it’s now time to add the liner. The vinyl liner is then set into the pool and a vacuum is installed to suck the liner tight to the walls and concrete floor. The installers will finally make any last adjustments to help remove wrinkles before finishing and filling the pool up with water.

Adding The Finishing Touches

After the pool is filled with water, the pumps, gas heater and other related equipment are started up and tested. The pool is finally ready to use and enjoy!

Building an in-ground pool can be quite the technical process. That’s why doing it yourself isn’t really recommended. To insure it is done right, you need a certified professional that has all the tools, experience, and equipment to build your in-ground pool and insure it is done right. When you’re ready to explore your in-ground pool options, call us at Rideau Pools – we are ready to help!

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