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Apr 24 17

Swimming jets are the perfect option when you want to enhance your pool with a state-of-the-art exercise and swim training system. With so many choices on the market, choosing the right water propulsion system can be a challenge. We answer some of the most sought out questions for you so you can find the perfect system tailored to your needs.

How do swim jets operate?

Swim jets work to push water out to create a force of resistance. The jets are positioned to push the water at the shoulder and chest level, allowing you to swim against the current and get a total body aerobic exercise.

What are swim jets for?

Swimming jets are designed for swim training and exercise but you can use the jets for therapeutic purposes and relaxation as well. You can set the current on a low level for aquatic therapy and water aerobics, or set it on a higher speed for swimming. The speed and resistance level are fully adjustable to suit a range of activities and abilities.

What are the advantages?

Depending on the size of your pool, you might only get in a few strokes before you have to turn back around and swim in the other direction. Swim jets allow you to swim in place against the current, which allows you to recreate the full experience of swimming in a lap pool but in a much smaller space.

Do they take up a lot of energy?

Different systems require different amounts of energy. If you want to save on energy costs, try purchasing an impeller system, they are more energy efficient and will save you money on your monthly bills.

Are swimming jets noisy?

Different jets will have different levels of noise production. There are many models on the market that produce lower noise output, so you can enjoy a quiet undisturbed swim any time of the day.

How do you operate the jets?

Many swim jets come with a remote control, so you can control the level of power easily and change the intensity throughout the swim without having to get out of the pool.

How easy is the installation?

There are different kinds of installation required for different pump systems. Some systems require a pump and plumbing to be installed while others are designed to be an all-in-one installation. All-in-ones are generally easier to install and maintain.

Getting a better understanding of swimming jet basics can help you choose the right model for you. Talk to your local pool expert to get an idea of the available options before making a purchase.

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