Are Pool Bottom Drains Unsafe?

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May 4 15

When you own a home pool, safety is of the utmost concern. You have to be very vigilant, making sure kids don’t run and slip on the pool deck or develop a cramp when swimming shortly after eating. Bottom drains add another layer of safety concern, which is why they are wisely being phased out.

How Bottom Drains Work

Bottom drains work by sucking water down toward the bottom of the pool. Dirt and debris floating in the pool are meant to be sucked into the bottom drain, which requires very strong suction. Of course, suction doesn’t discriminate, and unintended targets can be drawn in. When swimsuit material or body parts become trapped in the bottom drain, serious injuries or even death can result.

The Safety Risks of Bottom Drains

The strong suction power of bottom drains can sometimes cause swimmers to be drawn toward the bottom and get stuck. Hair, finger, and swimsuit material can get caught in the drain, trapping the swimmer underwater. Children may not be able to free themselves without assistance. As a result, they may suffer serious injuries or even death by drowning. These incidents are every parent’s worst nightmare, and entirely preventable with alternate filtration systems.

Costly Repairs

With acknowledgement of these safety concerns, bottom drains are typically paired with a side skimmer. However, this significantly reduces the suction of the bottom drain, making the pump suction inefficient. Debris can get clogged in the filter lines because there isn’t enough suction to pull it all the way through. This further reduces suction, which leads to more debris build-up, and so on. You’ll need to have your pool serviced, which can be a costly expense.

The Solution

Why take the risk with your children’s safety when there is a better option on the market? When it comes to pool filtration, the Aqua Genie skimmer is the smart way to clean your pool. The Aqua Genie uses powerful suction to draw in water. Dirt, debris, leaves, insects, and other nasty particles you don’t want in your pool are filtered out, and the clean water is cycled back into the pool. Water is driven downward by the pressure chamber, propelling remaining debris directly into the filter. With the Aqua Genie skimmer, you can protect your family’s safety and dramatically reduce vacuuming time. Even more, you significantly reduce your changes of having to pay for costly repairs of plugged or cracked drain lines.

Bottom drains are unsafe for both your family and your wallet. Say no to bottom drains and opt for a drainless pool with a state-of-the-art skimmer instead.

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