Is My Backyard Suitable for an In-Ground Pool?

Is My Backyard Suitable for an In-Ground Pool?
Feb 5 18

Planning for an in-ground pool can be exciting, but you first need to ensure your backyard is suitable. Before you can start planning, you will need to consider some important factors regarding your design and location. To get a better idea of what you need to prepare for, here are five things you should cover to ensure your backyard is suitable for an in-ground pool.


An obvious point to consider is whether your pool will be able to fit into your backyard. Not only will there need to be enough room so you can engage in other activities, but it should also have enough area so you can build a deck and fence around it. Pre-designed pools may not be the perfect fit for your yard, but luckily Rideau Pools can customize the shape of your swimming pool to create a good fit.

Ground Type

Beyond the surface, it’s difficult to know what lies beneath the ground in your backyard. In most cases, there won’t be any hard rock to contend with that can limit the installation. But in the event there is something that could cause problems, we can discuss relocation for a better installation site.


Not everyone’s backyard has a smooth and flat surface. A backyard with a hill or gradient may need to be levelled before the pool can be built.  If you have sloped land, you can discuss your options with us to see if there are better designs that can help keep the overall cost down.


Before you build your pool, you are required to obtain the proper pool enclosure permit.  And each local municipality will have specific by-laws in relation to the fencing. The regulations outline fence heights and required location of the fence and the material. Sufficient space should be considered when deciding on the size of the in-ground pool that you want to build. Your current backyard may not be suitable if you cannot meet the fence regulations, but we can help you find a solution.


Pool security is also important. If someone has an accident in your pool, you can be held liable. That’s why it’s important that your backyard is secure enough to prevent unwanted guests from using your pool when you’re not at home.

Our experts at Rideau Pools will carefully inspect your property to ensure you get the proper advice regarding the location and positioning of the in-ground pool. We can also help you understand the regulations and provide helpful tips and advice on pool security, maintenance, and long-term care. Contact us today to find out more!

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