Benefits of a Spillover Spa

Benefits of a Spillover Spa
Jan 17 17

Being able to slip into your pool and indulge in the benefits of the soothing water whenever you chose is a feeling that every pool owner can embrace and enjoy. But sometimes, after owning a pool for a while you might feel like taking the design of it up a notch with an added feature. Spillover spas are the perfect way to kick up the design and really boost that sense of luxury.

If you’re looking to enhance and upgrade the design of your pool, here’s how a spillover spa can be the perfect addition that can benefit you and make your pool look fantastic.


What is a Spillover Spa?

A spillover spa is essentially a hot tub that is connected to your pool. So when you take a dip into your pool, you can swim right over to your spa and bask in the heated water and jets without having to ever leave the pool.  You can take in the full extent of therapeutic properties without having to step outside.

The aesthetics of a spillover spa are reason enough to make it an added feature in your pool. But in addition to that, you can dress it up by adding in a waterfall and getting creative with the design to provide you with flair and the ultimate sense of privacy from your neighbours.


The Advantages of a Spillover Spa

With a spillover spa, it doesn’t use or waste any additional water since it’s connected to your pool and reuses the water that’s already there.

But the best part about upgrading your pool with this added feature is that you get to fully embrace the therapeutic qualities of the spa jets. You can move them around and angle them so they can work their magic and target any sore areas of your body to help alleviate those aches and pains.

When you’re considering a pool installation or renovation, be sure to consult with an experienced pool builder about what you’re seeking in order to plan out the size, style, and features that you wish to be included.

If you are looking to enhance and upgrade your pool, a spillover spa really is the perfect way to achieve that. With the myriad of features and designs, you can create the perfect feature that can give you the benefit of soothing warm water and spa jets that can take your relaxation to a whole new level.

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