We can Heavily Customize Your Pool

We can Heavily Customize Your Pool
Apr 11 18

A pool isn’t just a place to cool off and have some fun during the summertime. It’s also the focal point of your entire backyard! So why not make it truly your own unique focal feature with some customizations? If you can visualize it, we can create it! Here at Rideau Pools, we offer so many different design elements to choose from that allow you to heavily customize your pool. Check out some of these popular ideas to get you inspired!


Talk about exotic! If you’re keen on creating your very own private tropical oasis right at home, there’s no better feature to customize your pool with than a waterfall. Waterfalls are captivating, relaxing and downright impressive. The trickling water, natural elements, and landscaping are guaranteed to transform your entire yard into your soothing retreat.

Infinity Edging

We can also create an infinity edge pool design, which has become more popular than ever. The visual effect of water flowing into the horizon screams luxury, especially if you’re lucky enough to have a stunning view to look out over from the comfort of your pool.

Deck Jets

Looking for a stunning visual and auditory experience for your pool? Deck jets can do just that. We can create impressive arching streams of water that can be installed on the pool surround and powered by the main pump. With the handy convenience of a remote control, you can adjust the settings and enjoy elegant arching streams of water trickling into your pool. These also come with LED lighting to make your night-time swim experience even better!

Fire Features

If you thought fire and water don’t mix, think again! With our fire pots and water bowls, we can create sheer magic with your pool design. With a few simple tweaks to your pool plumbing and heater hookup, you can enjoy striking fire effects throughout your pool area to blend these two elements perfectly.

Spillover Spas

If you really want to take your relaxation to the next level, a spillover spa may be the perfect addition to your pool design. These spas are easy to install and can even be customized with a waterfall effect as well. It’s the ultimate luxury design!

Whether you currently have a pool design that you wish to upgrade or if you’re eager to get started with a whole new dream backyard design, Rideau Pools can help! We can heavily customize your pool design to transform your urban backyard into your own impressive and relaxing sanctuary. Contact us today to learn how you can get started.

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