Control Your Pool Remotely with Hayward Pool Products

control your pool remotely with hayward pool products
Jun 21 18

Imagine if you could automate your entire pool, from the pumps to the heater. Well, with Hayward products, you can! Hayward automates everything so you can get an exceptional pool experience each time you step into the water. They offer four ways to manage your pool, spa, or backyard features, all from your smart device. To find out how you can control your pool remotely with Hayward pool products, read on.

Full Control

Hayward products give you full control with advanced automation technology. You can access your pool through your smart device to control all of your pool functions via the Internet, anywhere and at any time. It’s that simple!


When you choose Hayward, you get customization at your fingertips. These iPhone, iPad and Android apps come with adjustable ‘favourite’ buttons and theme functions, so you can personalize your experience. Hayward also offers products that allow you to automate your LED pool lighting and water features so you can create a stunning oasis all with the click of a button.

Plug and Play Technology

Featuring plug and play technology, the Hayward products allow you to automate a number of functions, like the filtration, heating, sanitization, cleaning and even chemical levels. You can quickly and easily increase the temperature in your pool before you arrive home from work or have it cleaned and ready to go. Automating your pool has never been as easy as this!

Energy Saver

Did you know that smart pool equipment can help you to save up to 75% on your energy costs each and every season? Automation with Hayward helps to reduce the chemical and water usage that not only saves on cost but also time and energy.

Simple Navigation

When you use Hayward Pool products, you never have to worry about confusing buttons, complex codes, and hard-to-read features. With their smart setup, you get an easy-to-use platform that makes controlling settings and adjustments much easier.

Monitor Multiple Residences

With Hayward AquaConnect Web, you can also connect and manage multiple residences. Have a pool service company? Or maybe some rentals? If so, you can even include these into your network so you can monitor your pool when you’re away on vacation.

Home Automation

Hayward also offers a home automation system called AquaConnect Home Network that allows you to integrate your existing system so that one display panel or keyboard can operate your security, lighting, sprinklers and backyard features. Talk about convenience! When you’re ready to control your pool remotely with Hayward pool products, contact us at Rideau Pools. We carry a variety of Hayward products that can transform your pool in many different ways.


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