Designing a Kid-Friendly Back Yard

Kid friendly backyard
Sep 28 15

When you own a home and have children, one of the most important things to you as a parent is the knowledge that your child has a safe place to play. Sometimes this can be as simple as making sure that the swing set that they have doesn’t have any major damage and everything that could pose a threat in the yard is picked up. What if you wanted to take it a step further and have an amazing backyard design that is centered around your children? You can easily do this in a few simple, cost-effective steps! Here are five surprising ideas for backyard fun for the kids:

Balance Kids and Adults

The first step is determining how much space you have to spare for your backyard overhaul. Do you want to create a space that is specifically for kids only, or do you want to make the space accessible to you and your adult friends as well? You can start by plotting out the space that you need to add your kid-friendly equipment and base it around a patio where the adults can hang out.

Custom Pool

If your children are a little bit older, you could always consider putting in a custom pool. While this decision may take a little bit more time and planning, ultimately you can have whatever type of pool that you want in your backyard for the whole family to enjoy. Not only will the custom pool be the focal point of your backyard, it encourages your children to maintain healthy and active lifestyles as they grow up.

Kids Play

Determine what type of fun features you want to put in your backyard. Rideau Pools can design a custom backyard that includes plenty of fun features like a water slide or diving board. Also consider what type of surface is safest for the kids. Non-slip surfaces are best to prevent any nasty slips.

Backyard Park

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a backyard transformation, search for sale sites that may be offering used playground equipment. This can give you a variety of different items for your children to play on and essentially gives you your own backyard park. When purchasing used equipment always be sure that you can see the equipment before committing to the buy. Safety is always the key when making your backyard kid-friendly.

Family Design

Choose a design that the whole family can enjoy. Always make sure that you have a little bit of something for everyone. This way, everyone can enjoy the backyard without feeling left out of activities.

Making your backyard kid-friendly doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It is a great way to spend time with your family without having to leave your house to find a local park. You can create an amazing backyard retreat with proper planning and the knowledge and experience of Rideau Pools. As Ottawa’s 3D pool design specialists, you can see a precise vision of your new backyard before the work begins.

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