Designing Your Dream Pool in Just 4 Simple Steps

Dream backyard pool
Jul 6 15

Flip through a pool design magazine or pamphlet, and you’ll see so many outstanding designs that you won’t know what to choose. Do you go with a simple round pool surrounded by modest sandstone? Or an ornate pool with a ten-foot waterfall, swim-up bar, built-in stereo system, and grotto? The choice is totally yours, and all you need to do is narrow down choices in each of the four steps:

  1. Choose Your Pool Shape

There are many pool shapes available, some more common than others. At one of the spectrum are simple round and oval shapes, while intricate and timeless Grecian and Roman shapes give a precise look to your backyard. In between, you can choose from Kidney, L-shaped, curvy Laguna, and more. If none of these quite match your vision, don’t worry – at Rideau Pools, we specialize in developing custom pool designs tailored to your exact preferences. Whether you want a pool with sharp edges or curvy lines, we can make it happen.

  1. Choose Your Pool Technology

Your selection of pool technology will vary based on what is most important to you. Energy efficiency? Automation? Heating? Would you prefer a traditionally chlorinated pool or a salt water pool powered by a salt generator? We often recommend green pool features to our customers, because they help keep your electrical bills low and reduce water usage while also being environmentally friendly. Our recommended technology includes an AquaGenie skimmer, cartridge filters, variable speed pumps, LED lights, liquid solar blankets, and salt water systems. Nowadays, you can even control your pool from your smartphone.

  1. Choose Your Visual Enhancements

Your pool can be so much more than water – how does a waterfall or fountain sound? What about jets that arc over your pool or gently drop water from a decorated wall into the main pool? From waterslides and vanishing edges to coloured lights and fire features, we can make stunning pools. The pool is just one part of a backyard oasis, which is why you should think about a hot tub, fireplace, fire pit, gazebo, or outdoor kitchen.

  1. Choose Your Deck Material

The deck material is truly what brings the whole backyard together and helps the pool area blend with the deck or yard. You can choose from wood decking, PVC, and hardscaping with slate, granite, limestone, flagstone, or a basic poured concrete.

Put some thought into these four elements, and you’ll be able to come up with an incredible pool design. If you’re stuck, our design specialists would be delighted to help you find inspiration. Once the designs are set, we can start construction on your incredible custom pool.

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