Eco-Friendly Pool Design in 2019

Eco-Friendly Pool Design in 2019
Apr 26 19

Even though the pool season hasn’t arrived just yet, you may still be thinking ahead to it, dreaming of those warmer days that are just around the corner. Whether you’re contemplating a pool installation this year or are currently an owner who’s looking to redesign your existing one, eco-friendly pools are a great option to consider. As more homeowners look for sustainable, eco-friendly options to incorporate into their daily lives, natural “green” alternatives are more popular than ever. And it’s not hard to see why. To get you caught up on the latest and greatest trends, here are some eco-friendly pool designs in 2019 to consider for your backyard.

LED Lighting

Lights are an integral part of any pool design. They highlight the design and make the water look sultry and inviting during those twilight summer evenings. But having those lights run throughout the summer months each and every night can add up to expensive monthly utility bills. That’s why many pool owners are now making the switch the LED lights. They’re cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and last longer.

Smart Pools

Technology is making our lives easier from just about any angle you look at. And thanks to the new and innovative smart pool apps, you can finally enjoy easier pool maintenance too. As a pool owner, keeping up with all of the necessary tasks can be time-consuming. But with a smart pool and related app, you can easily manage all aspects of your pool maintenance more efficiently, which can also save you time and money.  These items can be added to both new or existing pools.

Salt Water Pools

Many pool owners today are looking for alternatives to the chemicals that are used in traditional pools like powdered chlorine or bromine. That’s why salt water pools are becoming one of the hottest eco-friendly pool designs in 2018.  Salt water pools are designed based on using the salted water to produce a natural form of chlorine to sanitize the water. These pools incorporate automated sanitization by using a dial to regulate the voltage to the salt cell. For most pool owners, they will set the dial based on the size of their pool and leave it at that setting for the entire summer. This eliminates the need for constant balancing or fighting cloudy water.

Cartridge Filtration

If you’re looking for something that will help you save money while keeping your water cleaner, take a look at cartridge filtration.  Cartridge filters are quickly replacing the old style sand filters because they do not have the backwashing requirements. What this means is  you do not have to backwash (by reversing your flow pump) 100 gallons of water through the filter every week to clean it. This dirty water ends up getting dumped and wasted.   If it is salt water or chlorine water, you just dumped the salt or chlorine that you paid for. With the cartridge filter, the filters only need to be cleaned every few months and you just spray them off with a garden hose and put them back in to the filter canister to start collecting more dirt.  An additional bonus is that cartridge filters remove more of the fine debris from your water as a cartridge filter’s screening capability is much finer than sand. (Approx. 10 microns vs 60 microns) The result is cleaner water with better underwater visibility with very little water waste.

As more homeowners recognize the importance of adopting more sustainable, environmentally-friendly practises throughout their daily lives, products are following suit to accommodate those needs. And when it comes to your pool, eco-friendly pool designs just make sense. They can reduce or eliminate the need for harsh chemicals, they can preserve more of your water, reduce your electricity, and best of all, save you time and money while doing something beneficial for the environment. To learn more about how you can adopt more eco-friendly pool designs in your backyard, contact us today at Rideau Pools.

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