FAQ About Building a New Pool

FAQ about building a new pool
Jul 10 17

Thinking about having a pool installed? From the initial decision until completion, there will be a lot of questions that arise. So to help you answer them and ease the process, here are some frequently asked questions about building a new pool.

Can I build a pool even if I have a small yard?

Yes, you can. As long as a mini-excavator can fit in your backyard, you can probably accommodate a pool. Even if you have a small yard space, Rideau Pools can customize any standard pool shapes so that they will fit nicely into your space.

What selection of pools do you install?

We install inground and semi-inground vinyl liner pools. Clients get to choose between galvanized steel or polymer composite for the underground walls.

How are pools priced?

Pricing is based on the perimeter footage of the pool, but will vary widely depending on different material and equipment, as well as certain design features. If there are complications with the property that need to be addressed (such as removing obstructions or accounting for an easement at the rear of the property), this can affect the project quote as well. For each installation, we have project managers that will assist you during the design process.

What about permits?

Unlike many other pool installation companies, Rideau Pools will arrange to get the necessary permits for you. So instead of the client having to apply for a permit and deal with all of the necessary factors like installation drawings, our team takes care of it all and informs you when it’s complete.

How long does building a new pool take?

The duration of a new pool installation will vary depending on the different circumstances for each project. When it comes to the construction, it’s important to understand that it isn’t just a simple matter of digging a hole and installing the pool. It will be messy, and it does take time. The duration usually lasts between 3 to 4 weeks. Just keep focusing on the prize of being able to swim in your own pool when everything is complete.

Will I have to service the pool or do you provide this service?

When your pool is completed, Rideau Pools will give you pool school to teach you the necessary maintenance tasks that are required for upkeep.  If you would rather have someone else look after the pool we can recommend a specialist to you.

If you’ve got questions about building a new pool, we’ve got the answers with over 20 years of experience to back them up. Contact us today to get started with your pool project!

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