Our Favourite Family Pool Games

Our Favourite Family Pool Games
Jan 10 18

Nothing beats a cool dip on a hot summer afternoon. When the temperature rises, it’s the perfect time to get all of your friends and family together for a game. To find out what the best games are to play, here’s a list of our favourite family pool games that will keep everyone entertained no matter what the age.


One of our all-time favourite family pool games is volleyball. To start, split up into two teams and toss a coin to see who gets to start. The person serving will need to serve overhand to the other team. If the ball lands on the other side of the court, then the server’s team will get the point. If the ball lands on the server’s side, the other team will get to serve the ball and have a chance to get a point. You can choose what number you will play up to, but 25 points is usually a good number to play until. You can pick up a pool designed volleyball kit for purchase at your nearest pool store.

Marco Polo

This is a game that’s perfect for larger groups and pool parties. To start the game, you will need to decide who will be ‘Marco.’ The person who is Marco will try to catch everyone else in the pool but will have to keep their eyes closed. To help them find people they will call out “MARCO” and the other players will have to call out “POLO.” Once another person is caught, that person becomes Marco, and the game continues.

Tag “You’re IT”

A good old-fashioned game of tag can easily be played in the pool. To play the game, you just need one person to start off with being “IT.” Their task is to try and catch another person in the pool while everyone else attempts not to get caught. Once they make contact with someone, that person becomes “IT,” and it now becomes their job to tag someone else. It’s simple, fun and will always get the crowd laughing.

Treasure Hunt

Another fun and exciting game is a treasure hunt. Collect a number of coins or poker chips and throw them into the pool. On the count of three everyone jumps in and tries to collect as many as they can. The one at the end with the most coins or chips wins.


There is a wide variety of pool basketball sets that you can pick up at your local pool store. Once you have a set ready to go, divide up all the players into two teams. Since you can’t bounce the ball, you have to pass between players. When a player receives the ball, they have to freeze and pass to another player or shoot on the net. To keep scoring easy, you may prefer to count a basket as one point instead of two.

Summertime is our favourite season at Rideau Pools. We have all the necessities you need for your pool games and to keep your pool running all season long. Contact us today to see our wide selection and incredible prices.

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