Get the Inside Scoop on 2016’s Hottest Pool Design Trends

Get the Inside Scoop on 2016’s Hottest Pool Design Trends
Dec 31 15

Are you interesting in installing a custom pool in the 2016? You can go with a traditional, timeless design, or take inspiration from the trends we expect to be big in the coming year.

Once you’ve gotten the inside scoop on 2016’s hottest pool design trends, you’ll be ready to choose the design elements that are most appealing to you. Go for one trend or use all of them in order to make your swimming pool a tranquil, beautiful, and functional space.


If you like the sight and sound of a waterfall flowing into a serene, crystal clear pool, you can have it in your own backyard.  Stone or brick waterfalls can be constructed on the pool edge with multiple water inputs to create a true, natural waterfall experience.  Or you can go with a sheer decent waterfall – a sheet of water flowing in a perfect arc.

You may also wish to add a waterfall spa feature, such as a spillover spa. This spa will allow you to relax and massage muscles while the spillover creates the mood of a waterfall cascading into your pool.  Adding spa features will give your swimming pool more versatility and you’ll love the way that they make you feel.

Choose Natural Materials for Organic Style

Another hot trend is natural materials. The most popular materials of this type for swimming pools include limestone and flagstone. These materials really add a lot of beauty and visual impact – plus, since they are natural and durable, they will look exquisite for years to come.

There are plenty of shades and finishes to choose from, so you’ll be able to achieve a custom look with ease.

Colour LED Lighting

Gone are the days of the plain old white light at the end of the pool under the diving board.  Today’s pools use smarter designs with multiple, coloured lights facing away from the patio seating area to help enhance the mood in your backyard.

LED light technology has help bring pools into the 21st century.  From a Las Vegas light show pool party to a tranquil, relaxing coloured rainbow effect, your pool area will be transformed with the touch of the remote control button.

Find the Right Ottawa Pool Designer Today

Now that you know some of the hottest trends in swimming pool design for Ottawa in 2016, are you ready to get started? Whether you want an exercise pool with a spa or prefer something more traditional, we’ll make bring your dream to life with a stunning custom pool and backyard design that will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

At Rideau Pools, we’re here to help you build the perfect custom pool for your needs and budget. Give us a call and let’s get a head-start on the 2016 pool building season!

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