Your Guide to Fencing in Your Pool in Ottawa

Your Guide to Fencing in Your Pool in Ottawa
Jan 23 17

Any homeowner that has a pool installed or is planning on having one installed in the city of Ottawa is required to have it enclosed by a fence. Even if there’s already an existing fence surrounding your backyard, you’re still required to get a permit to ensure that it meets the required standards. This By-law applies to any form of pooled water – whether a swimming pool, hot tub, or even a koi pond – to make the area inaccessible to small children without supervision.

If you’re in the process of planning out your pool installation in Ottawa, here is some important information to know that can assist you in the process of fencing in your pool.


Applying for Permit

Once you obtain a permit application (link to PDF application) you will most likely have to pay any applicable fees ($200 for permit at the time of writing, other fees may be applicable). Completing the permit requires detailed information about the location of the work to be covered, including two sets of fully dimensional drawings, as well as listings of all nearby structures, such as septic tanks, electrical wiring and so forth. Some of the additional detailed information regarding the surrounding area should include information about the location of pool, any proposed landscape features, and details about any existing fence if you have one in place already.


Fencing Requirements

Since the main purpose of the enclosure is to prevent small children from accessing the water for safety purposes, the fence must be at least 1.5 metres (5ft) high. It must adhere to all minimum specifications outlined by the By-law for the Ottawa area. All construction details of the fence including the proximity of the fence to the pool must be included during the application process.


Self-Latching Locks

In addition to the fencing requirements, all gates enclosing a pool or any water feature that can hold a depth of 24 inches at any point must have gates with self-latching locks installed on them.


Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing can be installed if the permit is being processed or if the pool has already been installed. However, temporary enclosures can only be erected up to 14 days, at which time a permanent fence will be required.



Inspections of the property must be arranged to inspect the situation for completion of temporary enclosures, and the specification of permit plans.

Being a pool owner is a great luxury, but it also comes with important requirements when installing it. Be sure to call your local pool installation experts in Ottawa to assist you with your pool installation and fencing plans. We can help to ensure that you’ve got everything covered and meet the proper requirements and By-laws, so you can focus on relaxing in your new backyard oasis.

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