How to Include Your Pool into Backyard Landscaping

How to Include Your Pool into Backyard Landscaping
May 17 19

Ready to jump into the summer with a new pool, but not sure how to plan it all out? Our expert team at Rideau Pools can help! We’ve been designing and installing poolscapes for residents throughout Ottawa and Eastern Ontario area for years. Whether you have a small amount of space or difficult terrain, we have some pro tips to consider when you’re wondering how to include your pool into your backyard landscaping.

Install Patio Interlock

When it comes to your backyard, the pool is always the main focal part and star of the show. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect the rest of your yard. You can easily enhance the look of your outdoor setting with striking patio interlock. These are ideal for surrounding the pool since they’re durable, low maintenance, customizable to suit your design preference, and they provide more traction around the pool to keep the surface safe.

Add A Charming Fence

As a pool owner, you’ll need to install a fence to encompass your new pool as required by your local by-laws. And a fence can also be an ideal way to seamlessly incorporate your pool into your backyard landscape. There are so many different materials and designs to choose from today that can be tailored to your preferences. This will keep your poolscape safe for children and pets while adding something that reflects your style.

Add Lighting Features

Illuminate your walkways, pool and garden during those warm summer evenings with lighting features throughout your yard. Whether it’s patio lights, lanterns, rope lights, spotlights or something in between, lighting features are always a popular way to make your backyard design look more cohesive and inviting.

Add Some Exotic Plants

If your yard is looking dull and lacklustre, adding lush, vibrant and exotic vegetation throughout it can work wonders for improving the look of it and tying it all together. Plan out pockets throughout your design to add your favourite trees, plants and flowers to bring your yard to life with some bursts of colour.

At Rideau Pools, we’re Ottawa’s leading choice for pool installations, repairs and more.  Regardless of your size and scope, our expert team can design, construct and transform your backyard into a tropical escape. Contact us today to get started!

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