How to Save Money When Installing a Pool

How to Save Money When Installing a Pool
Oct 15 20

Having a pool is often one of the most enjoyable aspects of owning a home, but putting your vision of a pool into practice isn’t exactly cheap. If you are looking for ways to save money before committing to a pool installation service, we’ve got you covered with some helpful pieces of advice. Simply read below and you’ll be well-informed on how to get a pool without breaking the bank.

Get Multiple Bids

If you only talk to one company, you’ll be without a point of reference and potentially miss out on better offers from other companies. A good rule of thumb is to compare at least three bids from three different companies as you make a decision on who is going to install your pool, even if the companies in the running are referrals. Speaking of referrals, they are important and worth getting so you are confident about the company that is receiving your business.

Stick with a Simple Design

Designing a pool with multiple curves, steps, shelves, and other extra features can raise the cost of your pool installation exponentially. Consider keeping your pool design simple to get the best chance of keeping the price down.

Do It Yourself

Not surprisingly, one of the best ways to keep the price down for a pool installation is by doing the work yourself. While you will likely need trained professionals for some portions of the job, such as excavation and electrical work, you may be surprised that most of the work can be controlled and coordinated on your own.

Be Mindful of the Size

Before committing to having a pool installed, you should be aware that in general, the bigger the pool is, the more expenses there will be tacked on for piping, pumps, filters, chemicals, and energy used.

Do Your Own Maintenance

When you own a pool, it’s inevitable that it will get dirty and have to be cleaned regularly. If you take the route of hiring a professional, you will be facing a monthly cost that ranges anywhere from $130 to $378 on average, as reported by HomeAdvisor, with pool cleaners known to be charging $75 to $100 per hour or even more. Not only can much of this cost be eliminated by doing it yourself, but you can also identify issues early on and avoid having to make big, costly repairs.

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