Lighting in and Around Your Pool

Lighting in and Around Your Pool
Jan 30 16

Who doesn’t love going for a swim in the crystal clear waters of a pool? Swimming pools offer endless hours of fun and exercise while recreating the scenic ambiance of an island resort. There are a lot of things to consider before achieving the perfect look and feel to your pool, and lighting is one of them. Since it’s the middle of winter and you won’t be swimming any time soon, there’s no better time to start brainstorming ideas for the spring.

There are lots of different pool lights you can choose – from underwater colour LED pool lights to solar lighting along pathways. Each one offers a unique look designed to bring out the best in your pool. Lights aren’t only great for aesthetic purposes, but for improving the safety in and around your pool. If you’re looking for the perfect lights for your pool area, you’re going to need to understand just what each one offers.

Flush-Mounted Underwater Pool Light

What’s nice about flush-mounted underwater pool lights is that they don’t protrude beyond your pool’s walls. That means swimmers won’t have to think about dodging these lights while they enjoy the fun your pool provides. There are special considerations however when installing flush-mounted pool lights and they are most easy installed during the initial pool construction process. Make sure you look into these lights before you get started on your pool project to make sure they’re easily installed.

Surface-Mounted Underwater Light

Surface-mounted underwater pool lights are much easier to install and upgrade compared to flush-mounted underwater pool lights. These lights are very good at lighting up large pool areas so you won’t need too many of them in your pool. Unlike flush-mounted lights, however, these lights tend to stick out of the wall, thus making them susceptible to damage and breakage.  These lights are usually installed on pre-existing pools with no lighting.  The cord must run across the deck and down the pool wall.

Pool Edge Lighting / Walkway Lighting

It’s important to make sure that the surrounding areas of your pool are well-lit as well. It can be dangerous for people to walk around wet surfaces in the dark! Make sure you install pool edge lights or walkway lights to make it safer for those walking around during dark hours. Now you can keep the pool party going all night long.

Feature Lighting

What better way to highlight an area of your pool than with feature lighting? Whether it’s a rock garden, a small waterfall, or even a fountain, feature lighting can add just that extra decorative touch to any pool. There are lots of different feature lighting fixtures that are available in the market – from colored lights to moving lights, you’ll be sure to get exactly what you need to bring life to your slice of paradise.

Coloured LED Lighting

Coloured lighting is becoming one of the fastest growing design trends in the pool industry.  Inexpensive LED lights have made huge advances in recent years allowing pool owners to choose any colour of light for their pool with the touch of a button.  Rideau Pools specializes in remote controlled, coloured lighting to make your pool project look beautiful and stand out from the crowd.


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