Liquid Pool Cover FAQ

Liquid Pool Cover FAQ
Mar 28 16

If you’re lucky enough to have your own in-ground pool and are in the market for a cover, you should consider getting a liquid pool cover. Liquid pool covers are fast becoming the talk of the pool industry because a liquid pool cover is economical, user-friendly, and all-natural.

What is a liquid pool cover?

A liquid pool cover is an advanced and innovative product that is designed to maintain the heat and energy within your pool. It is a small amount of a plant-based liquid that floats in a thin layer on your pool water, controlling heat loss and evaporation. It naturally biodegrades and therefore must be reinjected daily. It is transparent and odourless.

How does it work?

This cover will put your pool maintenance on ease, since it can remain in your pool while people swim. It will then disperse and break away when anyone swims through it, and then return to form back together when movements subside. Injected with a programmable pump, this automated cover solution is completely hands-free and foolproof.

Is it Safe?

Yes! A liquid solar cover is completely safe to use on your new pool. Typically, the active ingredients in liquid pool covers are natural biodegradable organic compounds. The carrier agent is typically ethanol, which helps the active ingredients get to work quickly but then evaporates quickly.

How do these compare to traditional plastic covers?

The liquid covers have shown to be 75% as effective as the traditional plastic pool covers. But it’s important to keep in mind that the liquid pool cover can retain heat, energy and overall protection of your pool 100% of the time. With traditional covers, they are only useful when applied and sealed. With the liquid cover, the ease and convenience make it far more beneficial.

What if I have jets in my pool? Will it still work?

Due to the unique design of the liquid covers, it will form a surface layer over the pool and will move at a speed of about 6 mph. The dosage of the liquid cover is intended to compensate for pools with circulation. Thus, any constant movement due to a circulation system will only cause a slight disruption in a very limited area.

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