Luxury Backyard Trends of 2015

Luxury backyard trends
Jul 23 15

In 2015, it is becoming more and more common to not just build a backyard pool, but to transform your entire backyard with the pool as the centerpiece. The trend is to create a cohesive and functional space where you can entertain, relax, and spend quality family time. Imagine looking out each day at a majestically crafted backyard is as fun to look at as it is to relax in. Here are the two major luxury backyard trends that are popular in 2015:

The Modern Trend

Swimming pools that are considered modern have clean edges, stark lines, and are shaped geometrically. These backyard pools typically have clean lines throughout, but some can have one curved edge. They incorporate glass tiles, travertine coping, and sometimes smooth uniform decking. These settings incorporate cooler, monochromatic colours.

Some popular additions to modern pools include an infinity edge and sheer descent waterfalls. An infinity edge produces a visual effect of water extending to the horizon. vanishing, or extending to “infinity” and is quite captivating. Sheer descent waterfalls create a silky smooth sheet of water that looks more uniform than a natural waterfall. Simple yet sophisticated furniture can be found to complete a modern style backyard pool area.

The Natural Trend

Natural swimming backyard pools are typically freeform shapes. You can make it look like the lake you swam at as a child, or like a beautiful pond found in the tropics. There are endless creative options when it comes to their shape. They are a great option for sloped yards, smaller yards, and yards that have existing structures that need to be naturally worked around. The idea of the natural setting extends to the pool finish, tiles used along the waterline, the decking, the water features and the landscaping. These settings incorporate natural finish colours used to enhance the colour of the water and the surrounding stones.

Some popular additions to natural pool areas include rock waterfalls and natural stone. Rock waterfalls can be custom designed to accent your backyard pool and they blend perfectly with this type of environment. Natural stone can be used for decking and coping to further create an earth-like setting. When choosing furniture for a natural backyard pool, look for pieces with curves that will blend well with the natural space.

At Rideau Pools, we can help you design a creative project plan with a natural or modern style that will complement your backyard pool area.

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