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fun home pool with slide and aqua toy
Mar 6 17

Winter is wrapping up, which means summer fun is just around the corner. When the heat hits, your pool can be your perfect sanctuary to cool down and relax. But don’t forget how it can be the source of entertainment and fun as well! With a great selection of pool accessories and toys, everyone in the family can get together and enjoy. Here we look at some ways to make your pool more fun than ever this summer.


A waterslide provides lots of fun and entertainment for everyone. There are many different models to choose from to be the perfect match to your pool deck. From fiberglass, to plastic and even inflatable, the size and style can be easily customized. There are also various online how-to videos on creating your own slide, which is a fantastic DIY project. Just make sure you have enough deck space required and are within the city by-laws before selecting.

Basketball Net

Who doesn’t want to slam dunk in the water? With a pool basketball net, you easily can! You can add a blow-up floating net that can move around on top of the surface of the pool. It also comes with a blow-up ball, which is safer for younger kids and makes dunking a breeze. There are also poolside extensions you can add to the outside of the pool creating height and a more realistic effect.

Volleyball Net

Easily string a volleyball net across your pool and get your game on! Perfect for pool parties or get-togethers, you can have as few as two people or as many as you can safely fit into play. There are a huge variety of nets so you can easily find the right one to fit the size of your pool.

Giant Pool Toys

Sometimes, all you need to go with your pool is a giant toy you can float on all day. From large whales to donuts and even ducks, new models are popping up all the time. Prepare for lots of splashing and relaxing!

Diving Rocks

You can add more value to your pool by installing diving rocks. They are safer and more aesthetically pleasing that traditional spring diving boards, which can rust and start to stick out like a sore thumb. Whether you opt for a single rock, rock design, or incorporate rocks as a waterfall feature, you’re going to have a hit.

Pool toys and accessories can provide hours of fun for the whole family. Adding a few of the above options can keep everyone entertained all summer long. Ready for a pool redesign or renovation? Call Rideau Pools!

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