Maximize Backyard Relaxation with a Small Pool

Maximize Backyard Relaxation with a Small Pool
Jun 27 16

Do you long for a pool to lounge in during those hot summer days, but assume you don’t have the space? Well have you considered the benefits of owning a small pool? You may not be able to swim laps, but you can sit back, relax and enjoy the soothing, cooling features of having your very own pool. After all, having a spot where you can cool off and relax is really all you need. If you’re in the market, here are a few points to consider.

Save on Size

Petite pools are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners as they provide the benefits of a pool without the need to consume a large surface area. Whether as a decorative feature or a centralized focal point, pools both large and small always offer that majestic, soothing quality to any area.

Depth over Length

Though length may be sacrificed, that doesn’t mean depth needs to be. Plunge pools are becoming more common as many developments specifically throughout urban areas tend to be more limited in size. So rather than length, you can get that depth you desire. Plunge pools require very little footage, and thus, can fit into the smallest areas while maximizing your quality of depth so you can still get the benefits of being underwater. Best of all, these pools are easy to maintain and are great for anyone who is inactive looking to boost their fitness, or suffering from joint pain and looking for low-impact exercise options.

Curves of Appeal

Petite pools can make a great addition to any contemporary deck design. With advance designs and contractors, they have developed these pools so that they can be inserted into just about anywhere. You can have that clean and contemporary addition. Conversely, if curves are your style, you can steer from the traditional, rectangular design and work with the shape of your garden or whatever you desire. From circular to wavy – you get to decide what you want.

So if you’re dreading those hot summer days, envious of those who get to reprieve in the glory of their pool, don’t fret! Who says you need a big back yard to enjoy those luxuries? You can easily maximize your backyard relaxation by incorporating the countless benefits of a small pool. Sure, you won’t be able swim laps around the pool, but you can still have your very own place to cool off and enjoy anytime you wish.

Helpful Tip: while a small pool is a great idea for homeowners with limited outdoor space, there must be clear access to the backyard for digging equipment. As a rule of thumb, you need at least 7 feet of clear access without obstructions. While it is possible to maneuver around smaller clearances, any complications are going to dramatically increase the cost of digging. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or want to know if your backyard is suitable for pool construction.

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