Our Guide to Backyard Spring Cleaning

Our Guide to Backyard Spring Cleaning
Apr 17 20

Seeing the subtle signs of spring emerge can make us feel reinvigorated and energized, which is why it’s the perfect time to channel that energy into some home maintenance and cleaning. Instead of postponing your backyard clean up till the summer, get out to tackle it now so you can soak up as much time in the sun without the work involved. Here’s our guide to backyard spring cleaning to help your get through it.

Inspect Outdoor Surfaces

Whether it’s the fence, patio stones, deck or pool, after the winter season wraps up, it’s always a good idea to walk through your backyard to inspect it for any signs of damage. Anything that’s loose, rotted or in need of repair should be fixed now so you can beat the busy summer rush.

Remove Debris from the Yard

As soon as the snow and ice have melted, it’s time to get out the garden equipment and clean up all the mess that fall and winter have left behind. Rake up any lingering debris and leaves throughout your landscape, especially around any storm drains or areas that tend to pool water. 

Hose Down Yard

Before setting up your patio, be sure to hose it all down first to get rid of any cobwebs, dirt, and grime from the garage. While you’re at it, spray down your deck, interlock, pool, and any other surfaces where mould and mildew can grow. When cleaning the pool, be sure to use a brush to scrub down all of the surfaces too.

Aerate Your Grass

To get your lawn looking immaculate this year, start by aerating it. These machines are available for rent at most garden or hardware stores. It will puncture holes all along the turf to make it easy for water and nutrients to access the grassroots. It’s a staple step for getting lush, thick grass in the summer.

Prune Shrubs

Spring is also an ideal time to prune your trees and shrubs to make way for new blossoms. Make sure to do this in early spring once the threat of frost has passed. 

Prep Your Pool

Once you’ve removed the pool cover and given it a good cleaning, top it up with more water, remove winterized plugs from the jets, clean out your filter, and add in the appropriate chemicals to treat the water. Make sure you’re diligent with your pool maintenance checklist to ensure the water is safe before diving in.

Don’t want to tackle your pool maintenance this year? Allow us to do it for you! Rideau Pools can take care of all your pool-related needs in Ottawa, including opening, closing, and performing regular maintenance. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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