Our Predicted Backyard Trends for 2021

Our Predicted Backyard Trends for 2021
Jan 15 21

While we’re all stuck at home for months on end, there has never been a better time to reassess our living spaces and find ways to maximize our enjoyment. This includes our backyards. Whether you have a large backyard or a smaller, urban setting, we’ve gathered a few of our predicted backyard trends for 2021 to give you some inspiring ideas. Check them out below.

Designs for Year-Round Use

The pandemic has changed the ways we interact with one another, forcing many of us to reconnect with loved ones outside while staying safe. And as the summer months gradually turned into winter, homeowners have sought out new and creative ways to make the most of their outdoor spaces so they could be used, even in the cooler weather. This has prompted a growing trend in backyard designs that provide year-round use, complete with outdoor heaters, fire pits and cozier patios.

Wild Gardens

Having the most meticulous and well-manicured lawn in the neighbourhood is becoming a figment of the past with each passing year. Modern homeowners are more aware of their environmental footprint than ever before and this is translating into many areas of the home, including the yard. That’s why we’re seeing more people trade in their lawns for native wildflower gardens instead. These are easier to maintain, they’re stunning to look at, and they also provide benefits to bees, birds, insects, and even the soil.

Vegetable Gardens

Vegetable gardens have become a welcomed reprieve this past year and a newfound hobby for many homeowners – especially parents looking for ways to teach and distract the kids. Growing your own veggies can be a relatively simple thing to do and there are many tutorials online that show you how to get started. It’s also very rewarding when you can enjoy the food that you’ve grown with your own hands. 

Staycation Backyards

Since it will be a while before we can safely jet set away somewhere, it’s no surprise that staycation backyards will continue to trend throughout 2021. Our desire for outdoor beauty and entertainment will only increase, which is why lavish poolscapes, decked out patio areas, thoughtful lighting, and extra amenities like outdoor pizza ovens are becoming part of the new norm. If we’re spending most of our time in our backyards, why not transform it into an oasis that you’ll love to use day in and day out?

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