Phenomenal Design Ideas for Your Backyard Pool

backyard pool
Jun 26 15

Any backyard can instantly be transformed with the addition of a swimming pool. No matter the size of your backyard, you can design and install a swimming pool that improves the value of your home and acts as the backdrop for countless memories with family and friends. Say goodbye to crowded public pools and sandy beaches with the addition of a tranquil and sophisticated custom backyard pool.

Let’s explore some design ideas that can be used to create a phenomenal backyard pool experience:


Waterfall Feature

You’ve probably had your jaw drop seeing a pool with a waterfall in a design magazine or on Cribs, but now you can have one in your backyard too. A waterfall is a beautiful visual feature, but it also creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere. The rhythmic fall of the water from above into your pool helps to relieve stress and help you unwind. To add an extra level of elegance, you can install coloured lights behind the waterfall to give it a hypnotic glow. For daytime delight and evening enchantment, a waterfall feature is a fantastic element to include.

Swim-Up Bar

Who says you have to be at a resort to get the convenience of a swim-up bar? Whether the kids want to swim up for a quick sip of homemade lemonade or you want to thrill your adult friends with stronger drinks during a backyard pool party, a swim-up bar opens many possibilities. There is nothing like great conversation in the company of great friends while you are surrounded by a basking sun and the cool water. You can keep the party going without having to trek wet bodies into the house for refreshments.

Special Setting

Say goodbye to bland pool designs with concrete, water, and little else. The only limit to your backyard pool design is the limit of your imagination. Create a more natural atmosphere with trees, flowers, grass, and shrubs. Use a variety of rocks and stones and natural materials like travertine, limestone, flagstone, slate, or sandstone for a strong and sophisticated pool surround. Design your pool to look like a natural part of the environment that surrounds it.
Rideau Pools is Ottawa’s 3D Pool Design Specialists. We can take your imagination and show you exactly what it will look like. Once you’re thrilled with the proposed design, we can strike ground and start construction your breathtaking custom pool.

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