Planning to Build a Custom Pool

Planning a custom pool
Dec 13 16

Planning a custom pool in your own backyard can be a luxury that you can indulge in and enjoy for years to come. But it can also be a hectic process if you don’t consider the preparation process that is necessary beforehand. Installing a pool in your backyard entails a variety of factors that are important in order for the process to run as smoothly as possible.

Here’s what to consider before you get started.

The Purpose

First and foremost, you should outline and understand the purpose of your pool. Why do you want it? Is it for a place where the kids can have some fun? So you can get in some need R&R at the end of each day? For low-impact exercise? To improve the value of your home? Whatever the reasons are for installing a pool, you should always have a firm understanding of them in order to plan the layout accordingly to suit your specific desires.

These could affect the size, shape, and added features that may enhance your build.

Figure Out Bylaws and Regulations

Of course, you can’t move forward until you know exactly what the limits or restrictions are that may hinder the design. Familiarize yourself with any regulations or codes surrounding your property that may force the design to be altered.

Consider your Budget

It’s important to set your budget at what is practical for you. This is something that can easily change and unintentionally expand if you decide to add on any surprising features throughout the process. So take the time before you confirm the design and layout with the builder to determine the cost involved.

Construction Process and Timing

Designing and constructing your dream pool build will take time. So weigh in these factors when considering the timing of your installation and how it fits in with your life at that moment. If you have any imminent plans to throw a backyard party, it’s best to put them on hold until you have a more thorough grasp on when it will be completed.

Remember that having a custom build can be one of the best investments you make, but it can also require time and patience in order to get it just right. Allocate an appropriate time frame with your builder so that they can get the job done and provide you with a final product that you and the family will love.

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