Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire
May 18 16

Owning a pool is a luxury in and of itself. It’s something that many pool owners wish could be used all year round in Ottawa. Well, add a little fire to the mix and you can have just that. More and more people are incorporating the beauty and sultry flames of fire in to the design and outdoor landscape surrounding their pool. It adds that fiery, exotic flare and of course, heat during those cooler days when you want to take a dip and enjoy the water no matter what the temperature is. If you’re considering adding in some fiery flare to your pool space, here are a few of the different options available.

Fire Pits

Never mind stand-alone fire pits – why not place a fire pit within your pool? There’s nothing quite like the flickering glow of a fire, and with the added feature of it being placed within the design of your pool area, you can have a resort-style setting in the comfort of your own backyard.

Volcano Fire Pits and Tiki Torches

To really get that resort-style, and exotic vibe, a volcano fire pit and tiki torches are the perfect addition for providing your very own piece of paradise right at home.

Fire Lanterns and Cauldrons

If you’re looking for a touch less tropical and a simple classy vibe, lanterns and cauldrons can provide that majestic feeling. Dotted along the surrounds of a pool, you can get that decorative element as they reflect off the water.

Fire Bowl

For those looking for the ultimate show-stopper, a fire bowl is just the thing. Envision the stunning addition of a fountain piece, displayed artistically amongst your backyard setting. Now add in the trickle of water, added lighting features, topped off with a spectacular display of fire. Impressing your family or friends will never be so easy.

So if you’re looking to add some additional “flare” to your poolside, why not go for fire? With the artistic designs and majestic qualities of both water and fire, you’ll think every day in the comfort of your own backyard was yet another day in paradise.

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